You will see your score in ALEKS immediately after you complete your PPL Assessment, but cannot register for a math course until the score is uploaded into the UA system.  

PPL Assessment scores are uploaded into the UA system at at 8am, 2, 4, 6, 8pm daily. Your percentage on the assessment is used for placement into MATH, lab science, and other courses. You can find the placement chart here to see the required scores. 

  • Incoming students can verify PPL Assessment  scores in the Next Steps Center. The Next Steps Center is only available through the first week of the student's first semester at UA. 
  • PPL Assessment scores can be found in your Transfer Credit Report in UAccess, under "Test Credits". Note, you cannot receive course credit from the Math Placement test, so the score will appear under Test Credits with the note "Rejected" or 'No Rule". The score is not rejected--you just did not receive course credit for it.

In Uaccess Student, go to 

click on the down arrow to go to

and then 

to find your test score.