Math Placement/Transfer CreditPlacement Test, PPL AssessmentHow many questions are on the PPL Assessment?

2.4. How many questions are on the PPL Assessment?

The length of the assessment runs from 20-35 questions. The exact number of questions will vary due to the adaptive mechanism. It is likely that you will be asked questions on material you have not yet learned. On such questions it is appropriate to answer, "I don't know." On any question that you have familiarity with, however, it is important to make an attempt and provide an answer. "I don't know" is interpreted by the PPL Assessment to mean that you have never seen the topic, and this will be reflected in the assessment results. Try your best to solve any problems that you think you might be able to solve. It is better to answer incorrectly on a topic that you have seen before, than to use the "I don't know" button and then skip related topics. 

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