Math Placement/Transfer CreditPlacement Test, PPL AssessmentPPL Assessment testing rules

2.3. PPL Assessment testing rules

The ALEKS PPL Assessment, Math Placement exam, is a timed, proctored test. Take this exam as if you were taking an in-person proctored exam. Do not make use of any outside materials or persons while taking this assessment. Do not access any resources other than the approved materials listed below, such as a phone, tablet, notes, books, etc. or communicate with other people. 

You can use an approved calculator (see list here), scratch paper, and writing materials. No other items are allowed.  Make sure you are in a quiet space and turn of any loud music or other noise. 

You have 3 hours to test and need to do so in one sitting. Please stay in your seat and focus on the computer screen until the exam is complete.  If an interruption occurs, briefly explain what happened by speaking directly to your webcam.  If you are disconnected, you should log back in immediately and resume testing.

Once you access the exam, your score will be recorded and is not changeable. 

Your entire session must be recorded with audio and video, or your score may be invalidated.  

Any suspicious behavior may result in an invalidated test score and may be reported to the Dean of Students.  Your score is not finalized until your video has been reviewed.

Scores are processed into the UA system daily at 5am, 12pm, 4pm, 6pm, and 8pm.

You can retest (usually for a fee) but you must wait 48 hours.

If you have any issues, contact and include screen captures and your UA SID.

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